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DJ Services & Wedding DJ Questions Answered

What does DJ stand for?

Here’s a history lesson for you! DJ stands for “Disc Jockey”, found in our name, AJay’s Disc Jockey Service. It is believed that the term “disc jockey” was first coined in 1935, and first appeared in print in Variety Magazine in 1941. Originally used to describe radio hosts, the term has come to describe a much larger field of on-air and in-person DJ services.

What is the average cost of wedding DJ services? What should a person expect to spend on DJ services for wedding ceremonies or wedding receptions?

Every event if different, so it is difficult to offer a concrete, blanket estimate for DJ services by AJay’s Disc Jockey Service. It often depends on how long our disc jockey will be booked. However, we always strive to provide the greatest service possible for a reasonable price, and discounts are always available when you book your DJ services through AJay’s Disc Jockey Service. Additionally, as we proudly serve all of Wisconsin, we do not charge a travel fee anywhere in the state.

I’m looking to book a wedding DJ for my upcoming wedding reception. What are the most important questions to ask wedding DJ service providers before booking them for my event?

The disc jockey is often the lynchpin that holds your entire event together, so it’s absolutely vital to ask well thought out and researched questions of any DJ services business before you book them for your event.

  1. Always ask a potential wedding DJ about the size of their music library and how often they update their offerings. A wedding DJ needs to be prepared at a moment’s notice to fulfill a request for the bride, groom or guest!
  2. Will your DJ offer master of ceremonies services, including announcements during the Grand Entrance and throughout the event?
  3. Does your potential DJ services provider have references from past events available? If not, that may speak to their level of skill and ability (or lack thereof).

What makes AJay’s Disc Jockey Service different from other DJ services in Wisconsin?

What sets AJay’s Disc Jockey Service apart from the competition is our passion and dedication to our full-time DJ services business. We separate ourselves from amateur, hobbyist, and part-time DJs by offering an unmatched, constantly growing music library (including clean music and radio edits for school dances and all-ages events), professional lighting equipment for a light show, highly skilled disc jockey professionals with extensive master of ceremonies experience, and more. Plus, we are constantly seeking to grow our offering, and we are proud to offer wedding photo booth rentals for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, and other events.

What types of events can I hire AJay’s Disc Jockey Service to DJ?

If your event needs DJ services and a professional grade light show, AJay’s Disc Jockey Service is only a phone call away! We gladly provide our highly experienced DJ services (over 8,100 events of experience) to any event, but we specialize in events such as wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, school dances, and corporate events.

How do I reserve AJay’s Disc Jockey Service for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, school dances, corporate events, or other events?

Booking AJay’s Disc Jockey Service for your wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, school dances, corporate events, or other events couldn’t be easier! To reserve your date and book your DJ services through AJay’s Disc Jockey Service, either fill out the contact us form on our website, or give us a call toll free at 1-800-924-2201 or at 920-757-1111.